Invisible Number can help ensure that your projects have a better energy efficiency, as the implementation of solutions using the home automation enables significant savings.

The building automation makes life more comfortable, safer and even more fun!

Allows tasks more routine and tedious to run automatically.

You can choose to handle a more or less automatic.

The touch of a button is sufficient to perform all the functions you need: the desired lighting scene is activated, the blinds down, and the heating system provides consistent temperature, etc..

The Home automation allows access to vital functions of the house, whether through a remote command, the Internet or your mobile phone.

Home automation solutions facilitate the management of bioclimatic constructions. Energy savings with KNX:

- Up to 40% in the control of blinds
- 50% of the building's climate control
- Up to 60% in lighting control
- Up to 60% in the control of ventilation


Invisible Number allows the implementation of home automation projects in Alentejo and Algarve.

Invisible Number implements the best solutions in the home of your dream