Welcome to Invisible Number.

Invisible Number is the new name of i9Domus, a company located in Sines, Portugal. Our main goal is the development and implementation of infrastructure and home automation projects in Alentejo and Algarve, using the KNX international standard.

We also implement projects in other tecnologies like Z-Wave.

Invisible Number is an integrator of several tecnologies from diferent manufacturers and develops and implements advanced KNX and Z-Wave automation solutions in a prespective of integration of several systems as a one.

Our projects of "Inteligent Buildings" have the objective of increase the energy efficiency, confort, safety and the flexibility of the buildings.

Apart from housing Invisible Number is also targeted for public buildings (chambers, libraries, schools and offices ,...) in which you use the same type of tecnology. Home automation is the ideal solution for all those seeking higher levels of comfort, security, flexibility and efficiency.

Building functions as:
Lighting, electric blinds, under floor heating, intruder alarm,electrical sockets, network, telecommunications, video surveillance, sound,control of sound and image in multi-room, motorized gates, automatic irrigation, etc., can be controlled together using individual commands or through a central console.

iddero hc2

Integration with IP intercom.

It is also possible to control all functions of the building through iPhones, Ipods Touch or IPads well as through other SmartPhones.

iphone interface

Looking for a Automation solution for your home, office, shop or building? Invisible Number has the solution you are looking for.

Just want to pre-install Home Automation?

Invisible Number prepares the project that allows conventional installation to be easily converted into a home automation installation without changing the existing infrastructure.